Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Andrew Graham & Swarming Branch

I woke up this morning and said to myself, "I want some eccentric, left of center, randomized goodshizza up in my eardurms." So I perused the card catalogue for something to fit the bill, of which Andrew Graham & Swarming Branch does in spades. Graham, at the ripe age of 24,

{I'll take a moment here to mention I've reached the age where I have some difficulty accepting the talent and success of those I tutt-tutt and think "...ah to be [insert # here] again." blarf.},

had already flexed his musical biceps with bands like RTFO Bandwagon, Pink Reason and, my personal favorite, Psychedelic Horseshit. Now he's doing his own thing with a rotating cast, aka Swarming Branch, on the Mexican Summer label. Bluegrass infused with some punk and plenty room to breathe, don't be hating on Kathy. At least she can dance.

Andrew Graham & Swarming Branch // Take It Easy On Kathy At Least She Can Dance

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