Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Wrens

In order to be the best blogger ever for you, reader, and to maybe one day earn one of these babies, I scour the internet for new music releases I'm interested in. The bad news this week is that there aren't any. The good news is that I found something even better.

There are rumors of a new Wrens album coming in 2011.


The Wrens last released an album 8 years ago, and the one before that was 7 years previous. Their website says it all: "Keeping folks waiting…since 1989."

They say anticipation is usually better than the real thing, and this may be the case here. Like Neutral Milk Hotel, the Wrens are firmly cemented as legendary indie stars and adding to their discography may only damage their legacy. But whatever. I'm stoked.

The song below isn't my favorite of theirs, because I shan't be reviewing "She Send Kisses" in a blog, but it's a close second. The way it flips a switch from delicate and sad to just plain mad is priceless. I'd rather let those three notes talk then expound profoundly about unrequited love (hopes of merit badge dashed).


The Wrens // Happy

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