Friday, May 27, 2011

Plants and Animals

In honor of the upcoming national holiday, it's Ooooooo! CAAAA-na-daaaaa for this one.

They know I'm a patriot, ok? It's cool.

Plants and Animals play to one and many things, all stitched together with their record to tape sound, swirling up 1972 nostalgia and an appreciation for rum and cokes. Warren C. Spicer, Matthew "the Woodman" Woodley and Nicolas Basque recorded 2010's La La Land in both their hometown of Montreal, The Treatment Room and Paris, Studio La Frette.

Apparently we've been watching the same Jane Fonda tapes.

Making the second track my vacation anthem in the lowcountry. 'Cause I feel like it. And hey, about that, I'll be casting shrimp nets and swimming in salty South Carolinian seas all next week, so I think ES is taking some vacay-time.

Dunno though, I'll miss you guys too much to REALLY stay away.

The Week's Once Over

Looking awfully cute together, Mirah & Thao
Rolling tumbleweeds in Other Lives
Reviving the Wrens {Dustin Artz}
Under the Covers: coming down from my Bon Iver high

remember your baby oil-n-iodine this weekend. makes you look real sexylike in those wayfarers.

xx, chirgo

Plants and Animals // Kon Tiki
Plants and Animals // Jeans Jeans Jeans

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