Thursday, May 12, 2011

Penny & the Quarters

{we just got personal, people}

Penny & the Quarters are a lost soul band from the '70's, recently revived by Ryan Gosling's attention and inclusion on the Blue Valentine soundtrack. The group, assumed to be teens at the time, were invited to audition and record three demos at Columbus, OH's Harmonic Sounds Studio. The songs were discovered after label co-owner Chem Price's death in 2006.

A few years and change of hands later, "You and Me" was released by Numero Group. With the growing popularity of throwback insta-vintage, they're doing the honorable thing and actively looking for the vanished members to pay them their due. I almost don't want them to be found. I almost want to pretend this song just immaculately came into being; created for the singular purpose of weaving your fingers through somebody else's.

Penny & the Quarters // You and Me

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