Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Other Lives

Gut check.

I had a hard time deciding on a single to post for this band. I'd have to listen to the album in it's entirety every time and mull over "oh this one. eh, i don't know, maybe that one?" Not a bad thing. Tamer Animals, May 10 release by Other Lives on the White Iris record label {whattup Daron!}, was crafted to be an immersion experience. Fold your legs underneath you, relax into the grass, be swept away by prairie winds.

Originally collected under Kunek by founders frontman Jesse Tabish, cellist Jenny Hsu and drummer Colby Owens - Other Lives grew in the great West of Stillwater, OK. After the studio fare of their self-titled debut, the band returned to Stillwater and took things slowly {14mos., to be exact} before producer, and Beck longtime drummer, Joey Waronker tied it off with rough-hewn twine and bolts of dusty velvet. The end-result of 11 tracks are densely layered with horns, gypsy rags, ringing ivory keys and coyote guitars. There are oboes on this album. I f*cking love oboes. Seriously.

So. I went with the song that transported me the farthest and most completely.

Other Lives are playing Red Palace / DC 6.10.11. Tempting, awfully tempting.

Other Lives // Dust Bowl III


Peter said...

Hey I really dig this band, thank you for the post.I look forward to checking out the rest that you have to offer! Wonderfully beautiful blog website design, as well.

Peter said...

Forgot to add that I think it is incredibly cool when you "discover" an artist. Amidst the pressures and stress of work, bills, and the common hardships of man - it is a triumphant breath of fresh air to listen to a new album and be excited for it's novelty. Thank you.

chirgo said...

lovely comments, so thank you very much. hopefully ES can keep bringing little-known, sweet sweet jams to your earbones; we all deserve to hear the good stuff. peace and happy listening!