Friday, May 6, 2011

Lucinda Black Bear

Lucinda Black Bear were gracious enough to come perform at the agency a few weeks back - not all places of work allow for lunchtime live performances. I know I'm lucky.
I know that till I'm here till 3:37am on a Friday night working on a deck to take with me to a consultant in Santa Monica.
And I now know to "save" said deck every five minutes so I don't lose the entire night's work before exporting that motherfather. goddamn server gremlins. Lucky indeed.

{performing in the Gallery space at The Martin Agency}

H'anyway - the plaintive, string-happy LBB {cello is mainstay with a frequenting violin} is fronted by curly-mopped Christian Gibbs, who's force of nature hair happened to be offset by a moustache at this particular setting. I appreciated it.
Surrounding himself with what initially appeared hypertrained studio musicians, the silo'd impression dropped off after they warmed into their set and Gibbs lobbed a joke or two. Opening with the featured track, any pessimism in the crowd dropped away as their intricately crafted, preternatural folk songs this side of rock established that they were the legit biz.

Lucinda Black Bear // Hand Bible

The Week's Once Over

Smack yo' mouth Ema
Bitterly soulicious Irma Thomas {Dustin Artz}
Oddbird Andrew Graham & Swarming Branch
Under the Covers: Rave on Buddy Holly tribute album

good luck and godspeed nursing your tequila hangovers.
xx, chirgo

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