Saturday, January 24, 2009

Aspects of Physics

Asthmatic Kitty Records has put out Habitat, a 2-disc comp to benefit Habitat for Humanity. They asked contributers for pieces that deal with the notion of architectural space. Some interesting descriptions of track concepts here.

My favorite track is the one by Aspects of Physics, a group that uses the word "manipulations" to describe what they do to machines to produce music. On their website they (literally) ask questions like this one:

At what point in society does the value of music in its relationship to society move from a productive beneficial tool to a commodity that doesn't necessarily help or perpetuate society?

I'm down.

2/7 members of Aspects of Physics. I'm pretty sure this is at Walden Pond.


Also, I'm into this video AoP made for "Song from Shitteo":

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