Friday, January 9, 2009

Holly Miranda

Once again, I owe Rexy for turning me onto another vocal vixen. This lollipop is the front woman for The Jealous Girlfriends, a four-topper from Brooklyn with all kinds of magical sounds inside. Holly’s chops were made for blasting out bone chilling melodies. Whereas mine were made for biting the plastic off of CD cases. She reminds me of Chan Marshall (Cat Power) with a tad more volume (although not really here). Even has a similar haircut. If you look around, you’ll find her belting out an inspired version of Elliott Smith’s Between The Bars somewhere. Which, in my opinion, is his best and one of my all-time favorites. Just sayin,’ if ever I happen to accidentally run into said vixen on the street in front of her house, there could be roofies and marriage involved.

This is her with Prince. Hahaha. Jk, jk. LOL ;P LMFAO ====D----. Actually, it’s Kyp Malone from TVOTR. And it’s pure gold. Surely, this talented damsel will conquer the world soon.

Slow Burn Treason

Jealous Girlfriends - Organs On The Kitchen Floor


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