Monday, January 5, 2009

Five Songs I liked More Than Some Others In The Year 2008

This is ridiculous. A category like this is for the dogs and is way more pointless than my other top 5 post. So here it goes.

Apes & Androids - Hot Kathy
Oddly enough, the name suits the band perfectly. Bar none, my favorite song of the year. Haunting and epic at the same time.

Black Mountain - Bright Lights
The great thing about this song is that it's almost 7 hours long. Ok, 16 minutes, but there’s basically an entire rock opera involved.

The Teenagers - Homecoming
I had completely forgotten about this until I heard it in American Apparel the other day. Of course, that’s where I heard a song about fucking a virgin cheerleader. I think you have to take an "I don't care about things or stuff" quiz before you can work there. I just realized Mary Claire posted about this song recently. Double bonus.

The Phoenix Foundation - Hitchcock
From the film Eagle vs. Shark with Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords. The song and film are equally good. The bonus to all this is that the video for the song is as equally badass.

From Eagle vs. Shark

Hitchcock Video

The Notwist - Boneless
Is it no twist or not wist? Whatever it is, it’s good. This song kind of makes me want to jump off a building and graduate high school at the same time.

The Do - On My Shoulders
Wait. This is six. Who edited this thing? Modern Fleetwood Mac outfit. Or something.

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