Monday, January 19, 2009


I just saw a copy of the newly published Vice Guide to Richmond and DC... Whoa. That's twice in one week that Richmond is recognized for its coolness by outsiders. First WFMU realizes it, and now this.

...Took em long enough. Hello, Vice-- Isn't the Richard Kern fanclub headquartered in Richmond? But onto my real reason for posting.

Labradford is probably The most totally unsung Richmond band.

Check out the catalog number of their 1993 Prazision LP... Krank 001. That's right, the first album released on Kranky was theirs.

Labradford also recorded a Peel Session in 1996.

Ah, what else. They toured all over the world and later one of the members developed the noisier experimental electronic project Pan•American, with releases on some other cool labels like Mille Plateaux and Fat Cat.

Oh yeah, and their music. Gorgeous. Hear for yourself.

The only decent-quality image I could find online, on the UK record store Boomkat-- the cover of Labradford's 1997 album Mi Media Naranja.

Accelerating on a Smoother Road

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mary claire said...

Does anyone else see a long-haired, striped cat in that painting?

Paul said...

I see a witch on a broom flying above a dragon.... seriously.

mary claire said...

oh yeah, you're right. that's totally what it is.