Friday, January 16, 2009

Spoek Mathambo

I featured Spoek's H.I.V.I.P. Dezemba Liazonz mix on a radio show I recently hosted, and since then I've been stalking him online a bit. He's from South Africa and currently working out of Paris and Berlin.

Spoek is fun to stalk because he is a man of many projects:
-Sweat.X, his duo project that started in Berlin. Lots of London club action.

-Play Doe, his duo project from Johannesburg. Similarly popular in Europe.

-DJEDTRONIC, from Paris, for whom he has been mc'ing. They're going to be at the Club NME Paris party Jan 30th with Zombie Zombie, and they've just released a record on Boys Noize.

-other stuff such as the artwork below

DJEDJOTRONIC f Spoek - Dirty & Hard

His blog features a lot of other cool musical ish from S. Africa, too.

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mary claire said...

just so we're clear, that's not a delorean that's a time machine