Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fires of Rome + Don Rimini

Unlike McKay I often run straight for the remixes, sometimes even bypassing the originals altogether.

I've been digging on hard-hitting French DJ Don Rimini, and it was his remix that led me to NY's Fires of Rome.

Don Rimini has delivered some sick mixes via Discobelle and Delicious Vinyl. Fires of Rome have been hyped by the, uh, the New York Times.

Before - Fires of Rome

Set in Stone

After - Don Rimini

Set in Stone (Don Rimini's Fire in Paris Remix)


The:Hours said...

Google Fires of Rome....

They have...they are hyped by...3 others..

mcKay said...

It’s not that I hate remixes or anything, I just tend to lean toward the original. Unless, of course, the original is shit and the remix makes it listenable. But that’s clearly not the case here. The after is neat, but the before is sweet. :D

Lotta influences here.

mary claire said...

haha i am glad you stepped in to clarify and reaffirm your appreciation of the remix... i certainly didn't mean to imply that you hate them. just sometimes i write like a tabloid journalist.